Terms and Conditions

  1. Subject of the lease

Minimum period of the lease is 24 hours. The leaser should have age not less than 20 years, driver's license valid in European Union, driving experience of the automobile of the given category should be not less than one year. The leaser agrees that his data will be in the database of the lessor. The lease agreement acts from the moment of its signing by the parties up to the moment of return of the automobile to the lessor, realization of all calculations between the parties and signing of the second part of the control protocol of return of the automobile, which is an integral part of the agreement. The oral contracts have no legal force. Any changes of the agreement are real only in written form. The specification of the automobile, validity of the contract, scale of rent and technical certificate of automobile is on the front page of the given agreement.

  1. Cost of the lease of the automobile and order of payment

The cost of the lease is established according to applicable fares. The price for hire and deposit for the term of the lease is paid by the leaser at the moment of a signing the contract. The deposit returns to the leaser after acceptance of the automobile and signing the control protocol. If the deposit is blocked on the credit card, in case if the car is damaged, the lessor has the right to keep back sum of money from the deposit after the car is returned. The deposit is released within 2 days if there are no car damages noticed, but the date can be prolonged up to 2 weeks. If the car is damaged, the deposit (the sum that is left after the payment for the damages) is released up to 2 months after the car is returned.

  1. Term of the lease, obtaining and return of the automobile

The agreement is signed for definite period. The loyal relationships between the parties finish by a completion date of the agreement. The extension of the agreement should be done with the confirmation of this application by the lessor. In this case fare of the lease and insurance remain the same. In case if the leaser has not returned the automobile to the lessor in time (was late with return more than for one hour), he is obliged to pay following days of the lease up to the moment of return and fine at a rate of 60 Euro for each day of delay. The lessor has the right to declare to the police authorities about unauthorized usage (stealing) of the automobile by the leaser if the car isn't returned for more than 3 days. The lessor is obliged to return the automobile to the leaser in good technical condition, in a place and in time indicated in the agreement, with a full tank of fuel, keys, tape unit and all necessary documents (technical license, insurance card, vignette).

Before returning the automobile the leaser should check the condition of the automobile and fuel amount. All possible damages will be written in the protocol that is an integral part of the agreement. The leaser is obliged to return the automobile in the same condition and complete set and full tank. The missing fuel the leaser is obliged to pay at the rate of 1,6 per liter. The leaser is obliged to keep the interior of the automobile clean. In case of excessive contamination of the interior (for example spots of food or drinks on a lining of cabin) the leaser is obliged to pay the dry cleaning at a rate of 40 Euro. Traces of smoke in the cabin (ash between the seats, the ashes on the rubber side windows unmade ashtray) -paid by additional amount of 20 Euro. Cut or burned seats are paid by the deposit amount. The automobile is considered as accepted by the leaser after signing of the second part of the control protocol. In case of default of this condition, the automobile is not considered returned to the lessor with all flowing out from here consequences. The leaser should pay all damages found in the automobile.

  1. Rights and responsibilities of the parties

The leaser should use the automobile only on direct assigning, abide rules of road motion, customs rules, other rules and law. The leaser should use the automobile according to the instructions and standards of the given automobile and take care about it.

The leaser should do his best to protect the automobile from stealing, traffic accidents or damage as a result of driving the automobile by somebody else not mentioned in the agreement. The leaser has no right to leave the automobile open at parking place, to leave keys, documents or panel from the tape unit in the parked automobile, to transmit the automobile for rent, to use the leased automobile for an auto racing, teaching driving or carrying heavy weights, to use the automobile as a taxi or for country trips, to drive the automobile to the countries prohibited by the insurance company or lessor. Also the leaser has no right to drive the automobile under alcohol or under effects of drugs and medicals that decrease the reaction and attention and to give the automobile to the persons alike.

The leaser should immediately inform the lessor about technical damages that need immediate repair that appeared during the period of renting. In case of breaking this condition the leaser bears the full responsibility for all damages that have appeared in this connection (driving at a burning control lamp of oil pressure, driving on the dropped wheals etc.).

  1. Driving to neighbor countries

In the leased automobile is strictly forbidden to cross the borders of the following countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, the countries of former Yugoslavia (exclude Croatia and Slovenia). The crossing borders of Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland and Croatia is permissible in condition if the country is introduced in the agreement.

  1. The responsibility for damage and insurance of a subject of the lease

The lessor guarantees that the leased automobile is insured. The responsibility of the leaser (franchise/deposit) for damage under the personal guilt is limited up to deposit amount (300-500 Euro). This responsibility is diffused in case of stealing of the automobile, traffic accident or vandalism. The given limit is not diffused to damage of the cabin interior, undercarriage, windscreen, damage of wheals and disks. The leaser bears the full responsibility for damage that has taken place due to violation of the agreement by him. Luggage and the personal belongings cannot be insured. The fines for violations of the traffic rules during period of rent and also the losses due to the lost of the documents, keys or tools which are included in a complete set of the automobile are paid by the leaser. Loss of car keys – 300 Euro, loss of car documents - 250 Euro, loss of car's license plate - 250 Euro.

  1. 0-Excess insurance (SCDW)

Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) is a high tax of decrease of the guarantee totally removing limits the driver’s liability in case of accident and / or theft, the exceptions being mentioned below.

After an accident, theft, fire, or damage caused by game the leaser must notify the police without delay. Even in the case of purely material damage, the nearest police station must be requested to record the accident within the meaning of S. 4 (5) (a) StVO (Road Traffic Regulations). Should the police refuse to record the accident, the hirer must prove this to the renting firm in an appropriate form (e.g. written confirmation from the police or details (including day and time) of which police station was notified by telephone but refused to record the damage).

  1. Exclusions from Guarantee for Damages and Taxes for Its Decrease

We will not waive your responsibility if you fail to notify us and the police of an accident, theft or vandalism involving the Vehicle, or if damage to or loss of the Vehicle is the result of a prohibited use, including damage or loss that:

  • is caused by anyone under the influence of a drug or alcohol

  • occurs while the Vehicle is used during the commission of a felony or other crime, other

  • than a minor traffic violation

  • occurs while carrying persons or property for hire, while pushing or towing anything, during any race, speed test or contest, or while teaching anyone to drive

  • results from carrying dangerous, hazardous, or illegal material

-results from use of the Vehicle outside the geographic area specified on paragraph 5

  • is caused by driving on unpaved roads

  • occurs while transporting more persons than the Vehicle has seat belts, while carrying persons outside the passenger compartment, or while transporting children without approved child safety seats as required by law

  • occurs when the Vehicle’s fluid levels are low, or it is otherwise reasonable to expect you to know that further operation would damage the Vehicle

  • is caused by carrying anything on the roof, trunk or hood of the Vehicle, or by inadequately secured cargo inside the Vehicle, or by an animal transported in the Vehicle

  • occurs when the Vehicle is unlocked, or the keys or key fob are lost, stolen or left in the Vehicle when not operating it

  • results from failure to allow sufficient height or width clearance

  • results from your willful, wanton or reckless act or misconduct

  • results from fueling with a type of fuel improper for the specific Vehicle

  1. Regulations in case of emergency

In a case of traffic accidents, stealing or damage of the automobile, the leaser is obliged immediately to inform the lessor about incident. Afterwards it is necessary to call the police, to record the data of all participants of the accident including witnesses and license plates of all automobiles and participants of the traffic accident. If the leased automobile is not capable to be driven, the leaser should bring it away from the road. The leaser is also obliged to give to the lessor the police protocol immediately, the keys and documents from the automobile. The leaser pays any damage of the automobile that is not registered by the police of the country where the accident took place. The insurance is not diffused to the damage that has arisen as a result of driving the automobile under alcoholic or drug drunkenness or under medicals that reduce reaction and attention. The leaser is obliged to present the police and lessor the full information about incident and give support.

  1. Final conditions

The given agreement is compounded in English in two copies, one copy for each party. All agreement quarrels should take place at court according to the present laws.

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