Parking tickets in Vienna

Parking hours in certain areas are strictly limited. Depending on the time for which you want to leave the car, you must purchase the appropriate parking ticket.

Parking tickets in Vienna are divided into several types depending on the duration of parking. For the convenience of users, parking tickets have a different color.


Parking rates:

Pink Voucher - Free (Can be obtained at any Hotel or Tobacco Shop) Red Ticket - 1.05 Euro Blue Ticket - 2.10 Euro Green Talon - 3.15 Euro Yellow Ticket - 4.20 Euro

Please note that a parking ticket is required from the first minute of parking, even for short stops, for example, to unload luggage.

For these purposes, there are free 15-minute Tickets (can not be combined with other types of parking tickets)

As of 1 September 2013, the free parking time in Vienna has been increased from 10 to 15 minutes. Despite this, you may come across a parking ticket, which states that its validity is only 10 minutes. Don't worry, in Vienna it will be valid for 15 minutes.

If you use several parking tickets at once, then the same arrival time must be indicated on each of them.

What does a parking ticket look like?

The parking ticket is a thick sheet of paper approximately 8x17 cm in size. It has 4 vertical fields for marks and one more field at the bottom for entering the current year.


  1. In the first vertical field it is necessary to mark the month (Monat).
  2. The second vertical field marks the day (Tag).
  3. In the third vertical field it is necessary to mark the hour (Stunde).
  4. In the fourth vertical field it is necessary to mark the 15-minute period from which the parking duration (Min) will be counted.
  5. In the last fifth field, the current year (Jahr) is entered manually.

This parking ticket shows the following parking times: April 22, 2017 from 15.30 to 17.30

The free parking ticket is slightly different from the paid ones. It only needs to fill in two fields.


  1. The Stunde field indicates the hour of arrival.
  2. The Minute field indicates the exact minute of arrival.

Where could I buy?

All types of parking tickets can be purchased:

  • at tobacconists
  • in cigarette vending machines
  • at petrol stations
  • at pre-sale points of the Vienna Lines
  • at the ticket machines of the Vienna Lines
  • at the ARBÖ and ÖAMTC car clubs

Free parking tickets (for 15 minutes) are available at city information offices and citizen service centers (Bürgerdienst). In addition, they may be available at check-in desks in hotels that do not have their own parking.

Where is located?

Parking tickets must be placed in a clearly visible place behind the windshield or in any other designated place if the place behind the windshield is not clearly visible.

Parking officers can issue a ticket for unpaid parking if the parking ticket is not clearly visible.

How to fill in the Parking Ticket?

  1. The following fields must be clearly marked on the parking ticket:
  • month
  • day
  • hour
  • minutes
  • filled in the year in the corresponding field

All of the above fields must be completed in order for the parking ticket to become valid.

  1. Always fill in your arrival time. You can round it up to the nearest 15-minute period (for paid parking tickets). For example:
  • arrival time: 10.06; note: 10.15

  • arrival time: 16.49; note: 17.00 3. Incorrectly completed parking tickets must be disposed of. You cannot make corrections to already completed parking tickets.

    1. When using several parking tickets, you must immediately mark the same arrival time on each of them. For example:
  • for parking for 1 hour, from 9.15 to 10.15, you can use 2 red 30-minute parking tickets

  • correct : it is necessary to mark the same time of arrival on each of them: 9:15

  • wrong : you mark 9:15 on the first ticket and 9:45 on the second

  • note the minutes

  • enter year

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